Curriculum Vitae

Nick Watts

Phone: 0432 142 792
Currently Residing: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia


  • 1993-2005 – Coffs Harbour Christian Community School (Year 12 School Captain)
  • 2007-2009 – Completed Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering major) at the University of New England.
  • Awards:
    • Top of Faculty for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (2007)
    • Top of Science Faculty and Top of All Faculties at Drummond and Smith Residential College (2008)
    • Scott Williams Opportunity Scholarship (2008, 2009)

Previous Employment

  • 2006 – Groundsman Traineeship at Nambucca Beach Holiday Park. Gained proficiency in a wide range of physical labour. Learned strategies for achieving customer satisfaction in the tourism industry.
  • 2010 – Ministry Apprenticeship at St. Mark’s Anglican Chaplaincy, UNE (half-time). Prepared and presented Bible study material to university students. Provided pastoral care and support to students. Organised and ran camps and events throughout the year. Gained experience in preaching and seminar speaking.
  • 2010 – General I.T. Support at UNE I.T. Directorate (half-time). Primarily worked with UNIX administration team on Debian and CentOS servers, on server administration, trending and instrumentation. First three months spent on I.T. service desk, providing phone and email support for staff and students related to the campus-wide network rollout.
  • 2011 – Junior Software Engineer at Maptek Australia (now called MinLog Australia). Developed in-vehicle data-collection software (known as MineSuite) for use in large-scale mining operations. Gained experience in using collaboration tools (VCS tools, Continuous Integration, Code Reviews) to develop software to tight specifications within a professional team.Worked with Agile principles in a Kanban project management life-cycle. Learned, through both mentoring and experience, skills and procedures for ensuring the quality and future maintainability of a source code base. Emphases included:
    • Comprehensive Unit-Testing and Test-Driven-Development
    • S.O.L.I.D. Principles when writing classes in object-oriented languages.
    • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Application Architecture

    Developed software using Microsoft .NET technologies including C#, Visual Studio with ReSharper, WPF, WCF and WiX. Other key technologies I gained experience with included Spring.NET, NUnit, Microsoft Unity, Caliburn MVVM Framework, MSMQ, ActiveMQ and NuGet, Windows XP/7 Embedded.

    Developed custom software tools to support internal company processes including an automated class-architecture documentation system using .NET reflection and Graphviz and a WiX-installer generator.

  • 2012 – Ministry Apprenticeship at Hunter Bible Church (a.k.a. Unichurch). Learned principles for working well in a larger staff team (~20) with specialist roles. Continued strengthening of verbal communication skills through writing, teaching, preaching, mentoring and pastoral responsibilities. Continued experience in event planning and management including weekly training events (attendance approx. 70) and a five-day conference (attendance approx. 200).
  • 2013 to present – Software Developer at NumeroPro Pty Ltd Working on they company’s flagship cloud-based web application “Kidsoft”. Gained experience working on a continuously deployed system. Worked with the full web technology stack (PostgreSQL for the database, PHP on the server, JQuery + custom javascript framework on the client).
  • Currently working part-time, while studying for my Master of Divinity at Queensland Theological College.

Other Qualifications

  • OH&S General Induction “Green Card”
  • Other Misc. Technical Proficiencies:
    • Primary Languages: C/C++, C#, HTML/Javascript/CSS, PHP, JQuery, Vala
    • SQL Databases (predominantly PostgreSQL)
    • Linux (as my OS of choice since 2003, using RedHat/Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Arch distributions, in both desktop and server environments).

Extracurricular Projects

  • Back when the Nintendo Wii was new, I created a driver application called XWii that allowed users to control a Linux PC with the Nintendo Wii Remote.  The project was later handed off to other volunteer developers:
  • My current hobby project is a 3D space-shooter game, written in C++ and built on the Ogre3D rendering engine.
  • Find me on GitHub:

Areas of Interest


  • The future of the world-wide-web as a means of multimedia content delivery (moving beyond Web 2.0 as websockets and the in-browser multimedia APIs improve).
  • Seamless integration of cryptographic security into business processes.
  • Application of information theory (as described by Shannon et al.) to biological systems.


  • Many sports, including surfing, skimboarding, basketball and free-running.
  • Reading books on science, philosophy and theology.

References are available on request.